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Early History of Hamilton & Heath Township History - Page 2
The following are excerpts from "Early History of Hamilton & Heath Township",  A Present of the Past
From Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Ende
Continued from page 1:
 The first school in Heath Township was District No. 1, and was located in section 28 near Bear Creek and situated on a road that is now discontinued. This road ran from Dunningville to the Kalamazoo River and it is reported that a bridge crossed the river at the southwest corner of section 29.
 Upon information procured from Mr. Frank F. Lemoin, a resident in section 35 of this township, it was learned that when the school in distrct No. 1 burned in section 28 it was rebuilt at Dunningville and situated in the northwest corner of the southeast quarter of section 27.
 The next school house in District No.1 was built in the southwest quarter of section 27, south of Bear Creek and west of the "beeline" road and situated across the road from the present Brookside Cemetery. This building was used but a few years before it burned. The district was later divided and a new school was built which is the present school and is situated in the southwest corner of section 27. The other portion of the district organized as school district No. 6 and built their present school on the north line of section 28, adjacent to the "beeline" road.
 School district No. 2 has from its organization been on the same place that it is located today, which is the southwest corner of section 25 and is known to us as the Lemoine School.
 School District No. 3 was organized in the northwest corner of the southeast quarter of section 12. All visible evidence of this school has entirely disappeared and there are no residents in its immediate vicinity. This district later built a school house at its present location a mile and a half north of its former location and is now a fractional district with the township of Overisel and is located in the northwest corner of section 1.
The school in District No. 4 has always been situated in its present location.
 The history of school district No. 5 is covered by another paper including the history of the village of Hamilton.



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